Tom Schellpeper, Keith Drott, Nancy Morfeld, Jim Shafer

Officer in Charge – Stanton County Sheriff

  • To avoid mistakes, read the rules and regulations carefully.
  • You are invited to make use of the information at the fair office on the grounds, where all questions will try to be answered or referred to the correct person.
  • The Fair Board officers reserve the right to make interpretations and to revise the premium list should the situation warrant such action.
  • Refer all matters that may arise, not covered by the rules, to the President.
  • It shall be the duty of any officer or policeman to arrest any person entering the grounds clandestinely and collect from them a $10.00 fine, as well as expel them from the grounds.
  • The gates and tickets superintendent will employ the gatekeepers. If necessity requires, it shall be their duty to make an arrest in the vicinity of their stations. They are to be sworn in as policemen. Gatekeepers are instructed not to engage in an argument with patrons of the fair, but to refer them to the Fair Board member on duty or the President, who will adjust matters.
  • Any policeman, employed day or night, who shall neglect the duty assigned him or leave his seat without permission, shall forfeit all or part of his pay, as the superintendent may determine.
  • No persons will be allowed to remain on the grounds during the night without a special permit from the president.
  • The Stanton Fair is a public forum of limited duration and exists in part to provide a means for a great number of exhibitors to temporarily present their products or views, be they commercial, religious or political, to a large number of people in an orderly, safe, secure and efficient fashion.
  • To avoid congestion and to prevent any impediment in the flow of fair patrons and to facilitate the maintenance of orderly movement throughout the fairgrounds, anyone desiring to exhibit must apply for booth space as set forth in the Stanton Fair Vendor Form, and comply with the terms and conditions of the space rental agreement.
  • Exhibit shall mean activities, including, but not limited to, petitioning, proselytizing and/or the sale, posting or distribution of any merchandise, products, promotional items and printed or written materials.
  • Sale or distribution of any merchandise, including printed or written material except under license issued by the Stanton Fair and/or from a duly-licensed location is strictly prohibited.
  • Because of the great interest in the safety and orderly movement of large crowds and vehicular traffic flow, any activity engaging or impeding the fair-going public or interrupting the orderly flow of the fair-going public outside of an approved, licensed and contracted booth space is strictly prohibited.
  • The Exhibitor’s responsibility can be summed up very simply: “Be a good neighbor.” All exhibitors, regardless of booth size should be given a substantially similar opportunity to present their product or view to the public. Exhibitors serve as an important part of the Fair in celebrating and showcasing Nebraska’s excellence. Our primary audience consists of family and youth. The Stanton Fair reserves the right to reject or restrict any exhibit and/or contents that contain graphic or obscene material or are otherwise objectionable to the family-oriented target audience of the Fair. The Stanton Fair Board has sole discretion to determine whether any content or material is graphic, obscene, or objectionable to the family-oriented target audience.